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Real estate loan Pensioners who fly their company upswing (must test) follow nature. The full financing enables you to acquire a property as an employee or a pensioner without own funds.

The silver lighter packaging sells a high real estate loan to retirees. are possible for dependent workers, civil servants, soldiers, privateers, pensioners and pensioners. For civil servants / pensioners / pensioners.

Real estate loans for the 60+ generation

Real estate loans for the 60+ generation

A new way for older generations to enjoy life and comfort. We don’t need another 20 years in the next three-quarters of a million. Real estate loan for senior citizens as a supplement? But this situation also opens up opportunities for my customers. A lot of capital is needed for this and there are new opportunities for the credit institutions for a clientele that is considered “dead”.

Maintaining future assets will also be a key requirement for future pensioners. In general, a fully financed property is the optimal form of investment, even if it is not always immediately usable. The existing property can thus become a new source of finance, even if this is currently still unusual.

The vast majority of funding options for retirees are currently ending at the age of 75. In the future, there will be so-called lifetime loans: the risk of death also decreases with increasing lifespan and thus a possible realization problem for the lending institution. The repayment amount can be passed on to a later day or to its descendants.

When the due date is reached, part of the property is refinanced in USD – until further notice, the client only pays the default interest and decides when to repay the loan. The target group of Credit Suisse are people aged 60 and over who have access to a maximum financing amount of 50% of the loan-to-value of their property.

In the event of death during the term of the loan


The heirs or descendants of the deceased can sell the property or use part of the income to pay the loan amount. Another type is called a reverse mortgage or real estate annuity. A property as security for a loan contract, the repayment of the loan is only to be made after death or when moving from the property.

In this case, ownership is not transferred to the lender and remains your own responsibility. Conclusion: With his own property, his property and housing rights are preserved and yet his financial liquidity is fully maintained. New Windows will be delivered in the next few weeks.