7 things you should not forget when you go to ask for a loan

Asking for a loan is not a trivial matter. If we are determined to do so, it is because we need money an Yes, it is very likely that the bank we are going to lend us an amount, but this should only be a patch. We must choose credit carefully and neatly so that it is not a burden for the rest of our lives. More exposition at visitez-perrier.com

Therefore, there are a number of questions and aspects that we must be very clear when applying for a loan. Some questions that must be asked before entering the bank and others that we cannot fail to ask when we are sitting before the employee of the entity in question.

Questions to ask ourselves before applying for a loan

Questions to ask ourselves before applying for a loan

At home, with peace of mind. A few days before starting to visit banks, we must clarify a series of keys: How much money do i really need? What proportion of my monthly income can I dedicate to repay the credit?

We already know that in the bank they try to sell. It is your job. They live on it. It is our responsibility to get there with clear ideas. It is essential to know reliably the money I need and, above all, if I will be able to return it. And how much can I pay per month. We must carry out this analysis in a conscientious way: paper, pen, calculator and to add.

Important aspects when you are already seeking credit

Important aspects when you are already seeking credit

We are clear that we can face the repayment of the loan. We know perfectly well where the roof is. Very good. Before signing, make sure you have done all of this:

Compare : just like when we buy a flat, a car or book a hotel. Don’t keep the first bank. Collate, study various options, and when you think you have a solid enough foundation, choose. We are in a hurry : we need the money urgently or we can wait a few days. The type of credit that we can use and the interest applied will depend on it. Analyze the conditions well : although it may seem boring we must read all the information that the bank has given us. Especially the fine print. Maybe we have made numbers in our heads and the accounts come out. But if then commissions of all kinds appear that we did not even know existed, we will begin to have problems.

Relationship with the bank : banks usually reward their clients. In other words, requesting a loan will be easier at the bank where we have the payroll or insurance domiciled. But we will have to analyze to what extent we want to link with the company. Ask : it is a truism but it never hurts to remember it. We should not sign until we have cleared each and every one of our doubts. We have to ask everything we can think of. As absurd as it may seem.

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